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Quick Fix – Organizing scraps

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Scraps of paper always find a way to clutter up my space. I hate to throw them away as they may be useful “someday”. If you suffer from this malady there’s a couple of suggestions I found in a magazine recently:

  • Stamp on them
  • Die-cut interesting shapes or flowers out of the more colorful pieces
  • Use as borders on envelopes
  • Glue behind your Han-stamped or die-cut greeting for the inside of your card

Happy Crafting!


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US vs UK

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Let’s be honest here – those of us in the United States are not always adept at translating mm to inches and pounds to cents (or it dollars?) See what I mean? There are handy conversion guides, luckily for us, all over the internet. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why this is important. Well, I’ve been subscribing to several British craft magazines and their instructions are always in mm.

So I got tired of trying to translate or worse yet, guess, at what sizes my cards should be or how much I was really spending at a favorite on-line UK craft store. So here are some links that may help you:



Adventures in Card-Making

New Year, New You

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Some people think “New Year’s Resolutions” are a chance to open their hearts and lives to new possibilities; a chance to change-up and challenge themselves. Some cynics believe that the catch phrase is just that -a fast way to wasted gym membership and loose money.

Crafters, such as us, look at New Year’s Resolutions differently. We see new possibilities, New ways to organize, New things to learn and discover. No matter what you create, a new year is like looking at a blank space and wanting to fill it up!

Is there any such thing as a Guilt-free Craft Resolution? Yup! Here are some ways I’ve found to create a new year and make one small move towards a life of change:

  • Turn on music while you clean up a space on your craft table or go for a walk or write a thank you note.
  • Loosen up on those strict rules we all have in our heads. You know the ones – I must organize my paper stash on Mondays  or I must throw out the old magazines on Wednesday. Ease back and try taking on one color or theme at a time. Take a stack of magazines with you to the tv room and go through them during commercials.
  • Be positive in your thinking. Sometimes our feelings of inadequacy can become paralyzing. Pick something you’re good at and spend time improving that. I’ve got a friend who learned calligraphy long ago. She honed her craft and I love receiving her cards and notes. The writing is so beautiful and makes her words very special.
  • Band together. Join a group that scraps together or colors. Check out your community or library for ideas or form your own group!
  • Accept yourself – you’re human and you’re not going to do “whatever” perfectly the first time. That’s ok, ’cause you’re unique!.

Happy Crafting in the new year!