Adventures in Card-Making

Heartfelt Creations from Uniquely Yours Cards

Card Making Adventures

Hello, Friends,

I am always amazed when I read about crafters who discover the world of card-making by accident. Their stories match mine in so many ways. Back in the days before stamp stores in Connecticut, I was introduced to snowman and snowflake rubber stamp set made by Hero Arts Rubber Stamp Company.  After experimenting with the stamps, dye ink, and tissue paper I was hooked. I consequently found two rubber stamp books by Michelle Abel and found out that stamping was “way cool!”

When I look back on those “heady’ days, I have to smile. I never would have imagined that I would go beyond tissue paper to a website featuring my home-made cards and to teaching this great craft in After-School and Adult Education Programs.  Well, enough about me!

I wanted to tell you about my adventures into card-making and how much enjoyment and satisfaction I get when someone opens one of my cards.  My heart created gifts of art travel near and far and I am always humbled when someone says that those cards made their day.

When we meet again, I’ll tell you about the “Thank You” cards I made for former co-workers……….

‘Till next time,


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