PaperCrafting 101

Paper Crafting 101- Themes and Sketches

Dear Friends,
Just as the theme of the card project determines the type of the paper so to does the composition or sketch of the card. Most of the card themes can be found on my page “Sentiments” so I won’t repeat the list here.
The Basic elements of composition are:
• Focus: Establish a focal point or main element, and balance it with other elements.
• Direction: Create a path of vision that leads the viewer’s eyes to the focal point.
• Balance: Establish balance among the sizes, colors, values and relationships of the design elements.
Sketches are tools that allow card makers to see the design beyond colors and themes. The sketches are basically card patterns. The artist designs the sketch with geometric shapes and usually a color design is included for visual purposes. Two of my favorite sketch books are: “Card Maker’s Sketch Book” edited by Tanya Fox and “Go To Sketches” produced by PaperCrafts. You can also find sketches in Cardmaker magazine.
In summary, the first step in creating a card is to choose the theme. The second is to have a sketch in mind. The third is to gather all the papers together.
In the coming weeks we’ll explore the making of a Christmas card, but unlike some tutorials, we’ll take one element and make several cards using that element.
Next time, we will discuss basic tools and supplies.

PaperCrafting 101

Paper Crafting 101- Decorative Paper

Dear Friends,
The first step in deciding what type of papers are to be used is to decide on the theme of the card project. The categories are determined by the events of everyday life, holidays and occasions. For instance, birthday cards for women are usually festive with bright, happy colors. The embellishments or other elements are cupcakes, party hats and flowers. In contrast, Halloween cards traditionally feature dark colors such as black, purple and brown. The images for these cards are usually ghosts or witches.
The various papers, vellum, mulberry, crimped, textured, cardstock will “fit” the style of the card you will make. There are many paper companies available for crafters. A few popular ones are Die Cut With A View, Basic Gray, Recollections and Brazzill Basics. In my next installment of PaperCrafting 101 we will talk about sketches.



Sentiments What to say and when! Post to be published periodically.

1. Anniversary
2. Apology
3. New Baby
4. Baby Shower
5. Baby Thank You
6. Birthday for Men
7. Birthday for Women
8. Dad Birthday
9. Mom Birthday
10. Special Birthday
11. Bon Voyage
12. Christening
13. Congratulations
14. Dad’s Day
15. Friendship
16. Get Well
17. Good Luck
18. Graduation
19. New Home
20. Love
21. Missing You
22. Mom’s Day
23. Retirement
24. Sympathy
25. Thank You
26. Thinking of You
27. Wedding
28. New Year
29. Valentine
30. EASTER – Secular
31. EASTER – Christian
32. Patriotic
33. Halloween
34. Thanksgiving
35. Christmas
• Thank you for still looking at me and giving me butterflies – I love you.
• I’m so lucky and proud to have someone as loving and amazing as you.
• To the couple who were definitely made for each other.
• Together forever, whatever the weather.
• I can’t count the number of times I’ve fallen in love with you all over again. Happy Anniversary.
• On this day and every day… I give you my heart.
• All because two people fell in love.
• Your story. Once upon a time… and they lived happily ever after. Congratulations.
• I wanted to have the last word…. Sorry.
• Words should always be soft and gentle in case you ever have to eat them.
Got sauce?
• I can’t begin to tell you enough, just how sorry I am.
• When your baby _____ grows up, I’ll tell ______ how lucky ____ is to have a Mommy like you.
• Congratulations, but your baby is the lucky one to be given parents like you.
• A love-filled wish for your little one and you!

• To think of a gift,
I tried really hard,
My mind was a blank
So I made you a card!
• Celebrate! You deserve the best day ever!
• Your birthday is a celebration of you!
• Don’t count the candles, Count your friends.
• Have a fun-filled day!
• Life is short – open your presents early!
• Just Happy Birthday from the start
Cause that’s where all good wishes start.
• May the dreams you dream today,
Be the joys you enjoy tomorrow.
• Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of “you” to the world.
• There are 1440 minutes in a day – on your birthday- we hope you enjoy
Every single one of them.


• Because you are special… Hope your Birthday’s something special
Just like you! Have a great day!
• Have a sunny and happy, bright and beautiful
Magical kind of day!
• Just want to tell you that you’re special,
And to wish you all the joys of a wonderfuo birthday!
One little candle, placed on the cake.. one first birthday wish to make!
• You can walk and talk now that you’re 2. It’s so much fun to play with you!
• Happy 13th Birthday!


• In this busy world we often take those closest to us for granted…
And we don’t stop to tell them what’s in our hearts…
But today, seems like the perfect time to tell you how special you are and how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday, Dad.
• This gift like my love, is from the heart.

PaperCrafting 101

PaperCrafting 101 #2


     The feel, texture, look and color of various papers will effect the final stamped design. Certain papers will give stamped images a crisper look while others will create a softer look. Also the inks, markers, pencils and watercolors change the look on paper.

     Next on the list of considerations, is the selection of papers to be used in layering your images. You can either stamp or layer wrapping paper, tissue paper, watercolor paper, maps, paper bags, cardboard, chipboard, fabric, felt, wood, paper clay, mulberry, vellum, adhesive-backed, construction, white-core, textured and glitter paper.

          What determines the paper type you use??