PaperCrafting 101

PaperCrafting 101


     PAPER – just the thought of it! There are so many companies producing it today. My first advice is to buy what you like. That said you still have to make a few decisions.

     Cardstock– There are 2 types of cardstock: Glossy and Matte. Glossy cardstock, while not currently popular, can still be purchased. It has a non-absorbent surface that has a clear cut edge and a reflective, non-porous surface. If rubber stamps are to be used, pigment ink and embossing powder must be used. Matte cardstock is usually sold in packs of card and envelope sets. You can find 50-100 piece sets (straight edge) and smaller quantities (scallop edge) sold in 10 or less quantities. You can also buy the standard “stationery” size and make your own cards.

     Next up – what types of paper can I use on my cards?

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