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Paper Crafting 101- Organizing (Too much stuff!)

Every once in awhile, usually after a card-making session, I look around my craft room and say to myself, “Sallie, you have too much stuff! You need to organize!” Sometimes I do put things away where they belong. It’s when I can’t find something I “just saw” that I get in the frenzied organizing state.
Over the years, I have picked up some hints and after trial and error, have developed a method of organizing my crafting tools etc. Please feel free to use these hints and email me at if you have others.
I will be offering these on an on-going basis so please watch for them.
~ Sallie

Organizing My Stuff
• Keep in easy reach
• A wire basket or wood box that is large enough to house all the items together works well
• Roomy clear totes work for traveling
• Dedicated divided drawers that are stackable work well also.
• Obviously, shelves come to mind, but oftentimes there is no “extra” space.
• Categorize book titles so you know what you have
• Stacking them beneath a window seat or work bench works ok
• Glass jars – like jam or peanut butter work well – you can see what you have and they are decorative also
• Paper punched buttons should be categorized by color and put in zip-lock bags
Craft Knives:
• Special drawer or lined box works well
• Keep blades inside protective sheaths


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