Top 10 reasons to

Top 10 Reasons

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Staying in touch with the important people in our lives is a rewarding and challenging task! We are all SO BUSY! It seems that the only time we send a card these days is to acknowledge a special occasion or event. The thought of just finding the right card, never mind the right sentiment can be daunting. That’s one of the reasons why I send out my Gallery and Sentiment Posts.

One of the best reasons to send a card is that your simple gesture reaches out to the people you care about and reminds them that they are in your thoughts, your heart, and even your prayers.

While the list of card categories is long, why not send a card for these 10 Reasons?

1. Everyone sends a card of congratulations on the birth of a child. Why not send a card when the child takes his/her first step or says the first word.

2. New School We all remember what it was like to move to a new school. Your niece, nephew or grandchild would love to hear how you coped.

3. Your neighbors’ are moving to another state. Sending  them the traditional “bread, wine and flowers” may be impractical but a card would be great especially if it arrives when they do!

4. All holidays are expected but what about “Ground Hog Day”?

5. We all hate to get sick or be home-bound for any reason. Why not send a card to a fellow parishioner at your church who is elderly or ill?

6. Your son/daughter just made the team – a card to commemorate the occasion along with a special dinner would be just the ticket.

7. Your friend’s daughter is getting married. You may not be attending but a card is always appreciated.

8. Your former co-worker retired or left you company. It’s been awhile since you saw them. Sending a card reminds you both of the friendship you shared.

9. While we all hate to think about death, we all need to celebrate the lives of those we know. Sending a short condolence note with your caring words can make a difference.

10. Take a moment to imagine what life would be like without your friend. Now, just tell your friend what he/she means to you.

Whatever the reason, and these are just 10, a card is often the best thing a person receives all week.

Have a great Thanksgiving!



Seasonal Post

Thanksgiving sentiments for you to share………

Wishing you a very special Thanksgiving.

Some holidays are always remembered for the special beauty and joy they bring…

May this be one of those special Thanksgiving for you and your family.

May an abundance of happiness be your Thanksgiving blessing.

Mom and Dad, Thanksgiving is a good time to thank you for all the love, guidance  and blessings you have given me. I’m so grateful to have you both in my life.

With warmest thoughts and wishes,

Wishing you a harvest of good things!

…. and needless to say, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.


PaperCrafting 101

PaperCrafting 101- Markers

Dear Fellow Crafters,

My Adventures in card making this week is all about anniversary cards, since my 43rd wedding anniversary is on November 10th! That is also the birthday anniversary of the United States Marine Corps. Some of you may know, that my husband is a Marine Veteran of over 20+ years so that weekend is very special to us for all sorts of reasons.  I found a card sketch for the occasion that I could adapt the colors of the Corp (red and gold) with a Sizzix folder (of course) and a Spellbinder label die. My card is in the making stages right now, so I will hold off on telling you how it came out!

I will not be posting on November 11th, and this Paper Crafting 101 post is about a week early, but I know you will enjoy it anyway. The topic is markers.

Markers can be used in many ways with stamp designs. Some stampers like to color in their designs completely with bright, vibrant color. Others just add a touch of color. It depends on your style.

Copic Markers are relatively new to the stamping world. The Copic original markers are the perfect choice for blending, painting and tone control. They have a broad nib that offers coverage for larger areas. The other side has a fine nib for detail work. Rubber Stamp magazines usually feature articles using these markers.

For water-based markers, Tombow and Marvy are perfect choices. They both feature the dual-tipped nibs and are perfect for brushing on rubber stamps.

Sakura Gel Glaze Pens have a flowing permanent color that draws similar to embossing powder.

Wet Looks Embossing Markers from Marvy create raised and shiny artwork with or without rubber stamps.  You apply the marker to the paper. (For best results, use glossy cardstock). Pour on the embossing powder, and heat!

Hope you have as much fun as I do coloring those images.