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How I solved writing Thank You Notes

Dear Fellow Crafters,
Since this will be my last post for 2013, I decided to tackle the dreaded topic of “Thank You Notes”. People have struggled with the right way to say ‘thank you’ for centuries! Consider the cave man (a thank you grunt for a good meal) the medieval soldier ( a thank you slug on the arm) and the “fist bump” of today’s teen. Modern men and women have come up with easier ways to say thanks – phone calls, emails, text messages all get the job done. But a hand-written note says so much more. It tells our friends and family that we took the time to sit down and write to them personally to thank them because they’re worth it.
When I sat down today to write my thank you notes I faced the hardest part of this dilemma – how do I start? Then I remembered my elementary school teachers – ” Who, what, when, where and how”.
HOW – I started a list of all the people I needed to thank. This list included people who had written heart-felt cards, brought cookies, or sent a gift.
WHAT – some advice from me to you:
1. Be sure you spell the person’s name right!
2. Express your thanks – here are some suggestions:
a) “Thank you for…”
b) “it made my day”
c) “I’m so grateful”
3. Add specific details:
a) How you plan to use your new gift
b) how you intend to display it
c) send a picture of you with the gift
4. I mentioned that I hoped to see them in the coming year.
5. I closed the note with…
a) “again, thanks for your generosity”
b) “Many thanks”
c) “with love”
WHEN – I was always told by my Mother that a thank you note needed to be sent asap. I have always tried to write and send my notes within two weeks. Also, because I am a card-maker, my cards are hand-made.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your New year will be filled with many blessings. I look forward to sharing more paper adventures with you.


Adventures in Card-Making

Decorating for Christmas

Hello, Fellow Crafters,

I normally don’t write on the weekend, but I wanted to share some quick paper crafting decorations  for the holidays. We are expecting 2-6″ of snow this weekend so I thought I would get started on some quick decorating and of course some cookie baking.

I just turned on my Kindle and started my Christmas music. I want to make my dining room more festive. I decided to use my Gingerbread boys border. Now, I bought this long die several months ago, when it was on sale but hadn’t used it yet. I opened the package and slid it out. Of course the images would need to be colored but I don’t want to go crazy. I decided to only color the eyes, mouth, and the little hearts between them. I scrounged around my paper stacks for just the right color brown.

I don’t know about you, but color has always been an “issue” for me. Finding the right shade of a color to compliment the others etc. I use that color wheel a lot! Anyway, I found a light brown and cut it down to size. It was fairly easy to use. Lucky for me, I found out that most of the eyes were cut out already. I stopped all activities to get my husband some breakfast and after finishing up breakfast, we watched the snow falling at a steadier pace! I needed 48″ to go around the width of our wooden ship’s,wheel light in the dining room. So I made 6 strips of the borders and while sipping hot chocolate, I colored in the eyes (what was left), the buttons on their chests and the little hearts. So cute! My next task was to tape them together, easier said then done, and stick them around the circumference of the wheel. I think our Granddaughter will like it!  The space still looked a little bare, so I took out some stiffened white felt and die cut some large Sizzix snowflakes. I didn’t want to overdo it, so I only cut out 3 and using some white cord and tiny clothespins I put them up as well! Well, I stopped for awhile to admire my crafting(!) but I sensed that I wasn’t done quite yet.  

After baking some Kaluha brownies (email me for directions), I decided to work on the railing leading down to our family room. Normally, I just put up a store-bought garland, but the garland always falls apart and the pieces get tracked all over the house. My husband suggested stretchy gift tie cords.

The gold color looks great on the black railing. Normally, I would hang tiny wood ornaments in the openings, but our Granddaughter is almost two, so I took out the colored felt and die cut more snowflakes, some ornaments, a tree, and stockings.

Now I was officially done! 

Have a wonderful, magical, fun-filled, loving, and peaceful Christmas season!






Christmas Sentiments

Hello Friends,
I don’t know about you but I am definitely into the Christmas spirit. Yesterday my husband and I took our Granddaughter and family to Yankee Candle to see Santa. She got to sit on Santa’s lap and play with an Elmo “stuffie”. Everything is new to the eyes of a child, so in a sense, we adults were looking at all the Christmas trees and decorations as if they were new too. If you are ever in Deerfield MA you have to schedule a trip there. The candles, the decorations, the tasty treats – everything anyone would want!
Well, back to sentiments. When we came home, I decided to make my tags and while I was at it, sign some of my cards. I picked out some of my favorite sentiments for you this month. Enjoy!

Joyeux Noel – In any language, we send you love and peace at Christmas.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold everything is softer
and more beautiful. Norman Vincent Peale

Celebrate the Season!

In the stillness of the this holy night,
May Christ’s peace be with you!

I believe in Santa!

Joy is the spirit of Christmas.

May the candle you light to Peace at this holy season be reflected in all the windows of the world.

Like snowflakes gently covering the world,
may the Peace and Joy of the season
descend softly on your home.

Let it snow!

May you have all the right ingredients for a happy holiday season.

A few words of wisdom from Frosty (the Snowman)!

“It’s ok to be a little bottom heavy.”
“Don’t get too much sun.”
“Be a happy, jolly soul.”
“It’s fun to hang out in your front yard.”
“White is always appropriate.”
“Carrots are good for you.”

Happy Hanukkah.

and finally,

Merry Christmas!