Adventures in Card-Making


Dear Fellow Crafters,

The following are some cards that I have made for Christmas. Enjoy!

Picture      Picture  Picture  Picture   Scan  Picture   Picture  Picture  CC_2012-A_Happy Jolly Snowman  th-6


2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Your pics are clickable, but they only bring you to the sign-in page for 365 rather than directly onto your site page. If you go to your site page where the pic is actually located, you may be able to either direct it to your page OR if you copy the pic from your website page rather than from your photo gallery, it may direct folks to your website where the pic is located.

    1. I think I figured it out. I am going to my public site, downloading to my Kindle, then entering my blog’s media library and adding it. I can add the library pics to posts later. I then cancel each card into a email folder then I should have everything I need to begin again. Long way about it though.

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