Adventures in Card-Making

Decorating for Christmas

Hello, Fellow Crafters,

I normally don’t write on the weekend, but I wanted to share some quick paper crafting decorations  for the holidays. We are expecting 2-6″ of snow this weekend so I thought I would get started on some quick decorating and of course some cookie baking.

I just turned on my Kindle and started my Christmas music. I want to make my dining room more festive. I decided to use my Gingerbread boys border. Now, I bought this long die several months ago, when it was on sale but hadn’t used it yet. I opened the package and slid it out. Of course the images would need to be colored but I don’t want to go crazy. I decided to only color the eyes, mouth, and the little hearts between them. I scrounged around my paper stacks for just the right color brown.

I don’t know about you, but color has always been an “issue” for me. Finding the right shade of a color to compliment the others etc. I use that color wheel a lot! Anyway, I found a light brown and cut it down to size. It was fairly easy to use. Lucky for me, I found out that most of the eyes were cut out already. I stopped all activities to get my husband some breakfast and after finishing up breakfast, we watched the snow falling at a steadier pace! I needed 48″ to go around the width of our wooden ship’s,wheel light in the dining room. So I made 6 strips of the borders and while sipping hot chocolate, I colored in the eyes (what was left), the buttons on their chests and the little hearts. So cute! My next task was to tape them together, easier said then done, and stick them around the circumference of the wheel. I think our Granddaughter will like it!  The space still looked a little bare, so I took out some stiffened white felt and die cut some large Sizzix snowflakes. I didn’t want to overdo it, so I only cut out 3 and using some white cord and tiny clothespins I put them up as well! Well, I stopped for awhile to admire my crafting(!) but I sensed that I wasn’t done quite yet.  

After baking some Kaluha brownies (email me for directions), I decided to work on the railing leading down to our family room. Normally, I just put up a store-bought garland, but the garland always falls apart and the pieces get tracked all over the house. My husband suggested stretchy gift tie cords.

The gold color looks great on the black railing. Normally, I would hang tiny wood ornaments in the openings, but our Granddaughter is almost two, so I took out the colored felt and die cut more snowflakes, some ornaments, a tree, and stockings.

Now I was officially done! 

Have a wonderful, magical, fun-filled, loving, and peaceful Christmas season!