How I solved _______________

How I solved writing Thank You Notes

Dear Fellow Crafters,
Since this will be my last post for 2013, I decided to tackle the dreaded topic of “Thank You Notes”. People have struggled with the right way to say ‘thank you’ for centuries! Consider the cave man (a thank you grunt for a good meal) the medieval soldier ( a thank you slug on the arm) and the “fist bump” of today’s teen. Modern men and women have come up with easier ways to say thanks – phone calls, emails, text messages all get the job done. But a hand-written note says so much more. It tells our friends and family that we took the time to sit down and write to them personally to thank them because they’re worth it.
When I sat down today to write my thank you notes I faced the hardest part of this dilemma – how do I start? Then I remembered my elementary school teachers – ” Who, what, when, where and how”.
HOW – I started a list of all the people I needed to thank. This list included people who had written heart-felt cards, brought cookies, or sent a gift.
WHAT – some advice from me to you:
1. Be sure you spell the person’s name right!
2. Express your thanks – here are some suggestions:
a) “Thank you for…”
b) “it made my day”
c) “I’m so grateful”
3. Add specific details:
a) How you plan to use your new gift
b) how you intend to display it
c) send a picture of you with the gift
4. I mentioned that I hoped to see them in the coming year.
5. I closed the note with…
a) “again, thanks for your generosity”
b) “Many thanks”
c) “with love”
WHEN – I was always told by my Mother that a thank you note needed to be sent asap. I have always tried to write and send my notes within two weeks. Also, because I am a card-maker, my cards are hand-made.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your New year will be filled with many blessings. I look forward to sharing more paper adventures with you.