Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness- Hopes and Dreams

Paper Adventures January 6, 2014

The Pursuit of Happiness in the Craft Room

Dear Fellow Crafters,
The last days of any year for all of us, is a time to review the events and opportunities of the last year. For me, it’s a time to organize my craft room after the Christmas Card-making blitz and it’s a time to eat way too many cookies!
One of the things I have discovered this past year is that I’d forgotten how much I like to write. A good friend of mine recently told me how surprised she was when she first read some of my posts. She had no idea that I wrote and that she looked forward to my weekly paper adventures.
Since one of my goals this year is to reignite the flame of creating, I decided to research the topic “breaking Crafter’s Block.” We all go through it – “dry spells” they call them. The stack of card stock that sits untouched, the just bought “gotta have” dies, embossing folder or rubber stamp – they all sit waiting for us to create something new from the blank canvas on our desks.
We desperately want to create but we don’t know what and we know we won’t be happy until we do create something. Crazy, isn’t it?
So fellow crafters, I’ve decided to devote the first post of every month to a few words on spiritual and crafting inspiration to help you unlock your potential for the month. I’ll be using Henry S. Miller’s “The Serious Pursuit of Happiness” for the spiritual part and many of my journal prompts for the crafting parts. If YOU have any suggestions to help us on this journey, please email me at sallie@uniquelyyourscards.com.
January is a month of hope and plans. Journaling is one of the first tools used to teach aspiring writers how to tap into their creative flow. Resolve to write one positive goal each morning of each day of January and plan to make the plan a reality. Old photos (scanned, if possible) are great starting points and if you take the time to create your cover first, you will have to write now! Don’t make this a chore – open your eyes and heart for the possibilities that await you! There was a TV personality that said that she finds inspiration all over even in commercials! I wonder if she was talking about color concepts. Journals can be made from composition books you can find at dollar stores. Cover them with patterned paper, stickers, and flowers – virtually anything you want. But beware – making journals can be addictive – almost like eating chocolate chip cookies!

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