Sentiments Jan 27th 2014

The Sentiment Categories for January are Mom Birthday. Memorable Birthday, Bon Voyage, Christening, Congratulations, Dad’s Day, Friendship and Get Well. The Seasonal Post for Valentine’s Day will be posted on Feb. 3rd. Please feel free to use any of the following:

Mom’s Birthday:
You’ve always shown me what is important in life, and today, THAT IS YOU!
Thank you for being my parent, my nurse, my coach, my teacher, and my friend. I hope that today will be every bit as special as you are. Happy Birthday!
Too often we forget what a birthday is really all about – Today I started thinking about you and what a difference you’ve made in the lives of the people who know you. I just can’t imagine what things would be like if your life weren’t part of mine. It reminded me of what birthdays are for- and so today, I celebrate you and the difference that your life has made in this world.
Memorable Birthdays:
May everyday in the year ahead bring you something to enjoy.
It’s your day to surround yourself with everything you love.
Wherever this year takes you, may you find happiness along the way.
How do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look any older?
Happy is the person who keeps a child’s heart. Happy Birthday!

Bon Voyage:
Good luck in your travels! I have heart that ___________ is a wonderful place and I can’t wait to see your photos and hear your stories when you come home!
Have a wonderful adventure. We’ll miss you.

May the Christening of your child find him/her surrounded by love and happiness.
May the love of God guide you through life’s journey. Congratulations.
Congratulations on the Christening of ___________.
Congratulations on all you have achieved. You deserve it.
Congratulations on ___! We hope your future is filled with as many successes as you’ve already achieved.

Dad’s Day:
Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I am so lucky to have grown up with such a wonderful father – you’ve always been there to love, support and encourage me.
Some Grandparents spoil their Grandkids with toys and gifts, but instead you spoiled me with your time and your love. I wouldn’t swap those memories for anything in this world. Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa.
To the world’s greatest Dad/Granddad. I hope you have a wonderful day.

A true friend is the one who walks in when others walk out.
Friends are how God gives hugs.
Friends are kisses blown to us by angels.
Joy is the feeling of grinning inside.
Thanks so much for your friendship.

Get Well:
Sending you a thousand smiles to brighten your day. Get Well Soon.
Being in the hospital is a downer, but look on the bright side, you get breakfast in bed!
It won’t be long before you’re better and back to being your same old self again. Enjoy the rest while it lasts!

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