PaperCrafting 101

Paper Crafting 101 Tools. March


     The very first “tool” you need is a cutting mat. It preserves your sanity and your tabletop.

     Scissors: There are many types on the market. My personal favorites are regular paper scissors, cuticle (I use them for “fussy “cutting) and decorative-edged one’s.

     Paper Trimmer: Again, there are quite a few on the market. There are different features for each. Some questions to ask yourself to determine which one is practical for you are:

  •      Is it easy to store?
  •      Is it light enough for you to carry?
  •      Is it easy to use?
  •      Does it give a really good, precise finish to your cards?
  •      How many blades does it either come with or you can buy and
  •      Are the blades easy to change?

My favorite is the Fiskar Portable Rotary Trimmer. It comes with a straight blade , but you can buy perforation, scallop, and scoring blades later.