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Dear Fellow Crafters,

    The topic of Die Cutting is as varied as my post on cutting tools. The categories I will cover are:

Die Cuts Part 1

     There are many different styles of machines and all have features. Some are only designed to cut and emboss THEIR own dies, but most are universal. Some machines have a rolling mechanism, some have a pull down and some are electronic.

     Some questions to consider what kind of die-cutter you are and want to be:

  1.      Will you be die-cutting at home or traveling with the machine?
  2.      Do you have a room set aside for die-cutting?
  3.      Will you be using 12″ x 12″ paper?
  4.      Will you be making cards?
  5.      Will you be using other materials like fabric?
  6.      Would you rather have a computer die cutting system?
  7.      How often will you use the machine?
  8.      Is cost a factor?

In Part 2, we will discover the differences between the different manufacturers.


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