Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

April – a Month of Optimism

Dear Fellow Crafters,

     Optimism has been defined as ” hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.” Optimists are more confident about outcomes than pessimists. They know bad things will happen, but they also know that the bad things don’t define them.

Martin Seligman is credited with the 3 Step Program to help people become optimistic.

      1. Take an optimistic view. Have a positive attitude. (( I can lean how to create a clay figure)).

      2. Intentionally block negative thoughts and substitute positive ones. ( ( write down in a journal your most worrisome thoughts and vent.))

     3. Fight awfulising. Make the best of the situation. (( I am not doomed to paint spatters on my carpet. I can learn how to create a reasonably looking page.))

     Dare to dream and hope for the best, and see the “glass is 1/2 full” afterall.


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