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Card Making 101- Making a card on a budget

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You don’t need much to make a card. You can create one  with  nothing more than a piece of paper, a stamp or embellishment and a little time. Of course, you could go to a craft store and buy everything in sight!  But this post is about card making on a budget, so I am going to show you how to start slowly and build your supplies so that you can make cards on a limited budget. Once upon a time, I took at trip to a craft store: The Great American Stamp Store in Westport CT:  before I had fully planned what I needed to buy. I absolutely recommend the store for anyone who wants to expand their craft tools and imagination but be prepared – the experience is like no other. My friend likened it to going to a candy store!

1. Card Stock: Card stock comes in an impressive array of colors, textures and patterns. It is often less expensive than patterned paper. See this link for more information: ‎

2. Stamps and Punches: Paper punches can be used multiple times in your card making. It’s like die cutting, only on a much smaller scale. Choosing generic images for stamps and basic shapes for punches offers more bang for the buck. A stamp with a baby image could be used for a new baby card, shower card etc. A bird stamp could be used for the baby, but also spring or Easter. General shapes like ovals, circles, hearts, stars, squares, flowers can be used in many different ways.

3. Techniques: There are many wonderful techniques you can use to spice up your cards without spending a lot of money. I detail a lot of web sites on my blog and of course you can use your browser to surf well into the night!

4. Organize: If your supplies are not organized, you will waste a lot of time and money buying things you already have but can’t find. See the link:organize

5. Up-Cycle: The “green movement” really comes into play here. Using household items can help you in your budget. Save your scrap dryer sheets, thin cardboard, used postage stamps – well you get the picture.

6. Bargains: Some hints here: use coupons when you go to the craft store. Some stores take competitive ones so ask before you throw them away. Try hardware stores for paint chip samples, office supply stores for bargain paper, dollar-store for so many ideas.

7. Tools: Take care of your tools and store them carefully.  One thing I keep telling my students is to put the caps back on markers and on glue sticks!

8. Be a Minimalist: Less is more. We crafters tend to put more embellishments on cards that look fine with fewer. Two or three items will make more of an impact.

9. Get plugged in: Use the web to search for “free card-making templates: or “free fonts” and other free materials. Use a scanner too.

10. Get in line: Henry Ford had the right idea. The Assembly Line technique really works. Watch for a future post which will detail this for you.

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