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Paper Adventures – Brads

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The following is a copy of a post about brads. You will find more on

My top 10 ways to use brads  follows:

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What Are Brads? And What Do I Do With Them?



Allow me to introduce my favorite scrapbook embellishment. Everyone, This is Brad.
08 13 09_3679
Brad, this is Everyone.

Actually, this is my box of scrapbooking brads.  I like to have them sorted by color rather than size or shape because you can easily know what color would look good on your page, and then you can explore which shape/texture/size would be best.

Brads come in LOTS of different shapes, textures, and colors. Have a look.

08 13 09_3680

Here we have squares, flowers, circles, polka dots, fabric covered, shiny metal, brushed metal, and jeweled.  And that’s just a small sampling of the possibilities.

08 13 09_3681

It’s occurring to me now that I didn’t take a picture of the basic brad. They are the ones I use most often, just a basic circle of color. Either regular size–like you’d find in office stores, but colors–or tiny, about the size of a, well, I can’t think of anything that’s that size.

Oh, y’know the holes where the spiral binding goes through a spiral notebook. Or the dimple on a AA battery. They’re about that size.

Anyway. You can use brads in lots of different ways. You can attach ribbons and fibers. You can use them to punctuate the corners of photos, or you can use them as dots on the page.

Here’s how you do it.

08 13 09_3682
Put the point of the brad where you want it on your paper. You can use a hole punch or the tip of your x-acto knife to pierce the paper.

08 13 09_3683
Press the brad all the way into the paper. Then turn over the page.

08 13 09_3684
Now separate the little arms of the brad. And bend them down in different directions.

08 13 09_3685
Like so.

When you turn the page over, the brad is securely fixed where you want it.

08 13 09_3686

To date, I have found 70 ways to use brad(s) but in the interest of time, I will list my top 10:

1. To “hang” things from

2. Use as centers of flowers

3. Use as corners of a picture mat

4. Nails on a fence

5. Buttons on a snowman

6. To form “bullets” for a list of things

7. Buy or color brads brown and use as chocolate chips on a stamped cookie

8. Attach a handle onto a basket

9. Attach fabric or lace to paper

10. Use as wheels on die cut cars or wheelbarrows.

If you can’t find brads in the color you want, buy white. Then press them into colored ink pads to get the color you want. This will result in a matte finish. For a shiny finish, press them into embossing ink, cover with embossing powder and heat emboss. For an additional sparkle, sprinkle with glitter, just before heating.



Adventures in Card-Making

Happy Anniversary Heartfelt Creations -Uniquely Yours Cards!


Dear Fellow Crafters,

     Today is the first anniversary of my blog! So much has happened over this past year so much learned and so much shared. Thank you to each of you who has followed and commented. You make my day each and every way!

To date, there have been 91 posts published with 15 categories and 244 tags. I really enjoy hearing from all of you and try to incorporate all of your ideas.

I love sharing my crafting journey with you and I hope all of you continue you enjoy what I write.


Friday Scribblings

Scribblings- Dinner with a friend


Dear Fellow Crafters,

     The following is a copy of a post from  about a man and his dining companion. Enjoy!


Dinner with a Friend

Remember that movie from years back called My Dinner with Andre’? I do. In fact it’s a favorite of mine.

I must confess that there are some people who I love having dinner with. Not lunch, dinner. Lunch somehow speaks a hurried meal, a “I’ll fit you in” kind of thing. Dinner alone, just the two of you, is different. Dinner says “come linger, spend some time, and let’s really talk” kind of thing.

There are only a few people I like having dinner with. They are usually old friends (some exceptions) and people I really don’t see that often. It always happens the same way. I’ll call them, or they’ll call me, and the words are: “Hey, let’s catch up.” Each one of these friends has their favorite restaurant and nothing ever has to be said about where we’ll meet, only what time.

On the appointed day, who ever gets there first places the drink order. With some friends, we meet in the bar, and migrate into dinner. With others, we just start in the dining room.

What’s surprising is how fast the conversation starts. After the exchange of pleasantries, we somehow almost seem to pick up where we left off X number of months ago. And away we go.

Sometimes, also surprisingly, the conversation “dies” after a few hours. But more often, we end up closing the place. Sometimes we even end up heading to a bar to finish our evening. It really doesn’t matter which. All that really matters is re-establishing the “connection.”

I REALLY enjoy these times, and always look forward to them. Often, I find myself looking at them mid conversation, and asking myself ‘Why don’t I see this person more often? They are fabulous!” Of course, there are also those rare occasions where you end up saying, “Time has passed on this friendship”, and you mentally “scratch” them off. Such is life!

So, who haven’t YOU had dinner with in a while? All you need to do is pick up the phone! Do it now, before you forget.

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Too Much Stuff!

Too much stuff-punches, ribbon, scissors

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Our topic this time is about punches, ribbon and scissors. Feel free to share!


Craft Punches

     Craft punches need a lot of space. I originally stuck them in a drawer, but then had to sort through the pile until I found the right one! In the end, I decided on several options based on their size:

  1. shallow drawer
  2. open shelves
  3. over-the-door clear plastic pocket organizer


     Ribbon is sold flat, in rolls (some with adhesive), and loose in bags. Depending on the color and type, there are several ways to store ribbon.

     1. Cabinet drawers (well-labeled if not see-through)

     2. For spooled ribbon  try rods for over the door storage

     3. Pants rack – slide the ribbon spools over the rod and hang.

     4. Small glass or plastic containers can hold snippets of left-over ribbon.

     5. Re-purposed fruit baskets


     Scissors are sold by type. There are decorative-edged scissors, paper scissors, shears, cuticle scissors (for detailed cutting).

     1. Tool caddy

     2. Hang on a pegboard

     3. painting rack

     4. Store straight and cuticle separately on your word table

     5. Label the decorative-edged scissors by type.

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