Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness – Health and Fitness

Dear Fellow Crafters,

This is the month of Health and Fitness. Summer is a great month to focus on this topic and begin a daily regimen, even if it is only walking.

“Prevention is better than a cure”


     If you think of fitness as something only the rich or athletic can indulge in, try thinking of taking that walk (with a hill) for the benefit of your heart and your creative soul. If you look back over my past posts,you’ll see that a lot of them either feature a picture of nature or mention of it. So, your neighborhood is not “that great”, the fresh air is. Birds still sing and there is always activity around. Take along your music ( in whatever form) or spend time thinking about a prompt and your response. If the neighborhood is not a good place to walk, drive to a park, the beach or a lake. Heck, you can even walk in a shopping mall!

Happy walking,


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