Ok, I give up!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Over the course of the year, I am asked a lot of questions concerning techniques, sketches, products etc. So I thought I would create some new posts to answer these frstrating questions. First up is a question from Sandy:

“What is foil embossing?”

Foil embossing is the process of leaving a raised design on a piece of foil. You can use sheets of craft foil or kitchen foil. The process begins when you choose the embossing folder. I would suggest a background folder that is not to detailed. Attach the foil to a piece of thin cardstock to give it strength so that it won’t tear. Next, place it in the folder and run it through the die cutting machine. You could then rub the embossed design with a metallic rub-on or leave plain.

What about you? Please email any questions to