Adventures in Card-Making

Adding ribbons to cards

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Ribbon is a wonderful material to add to handmade cards. The variety of widths, textures and colors make it possible to coordinate with any style card. Some ribbons even have adhesives already applied, making the attachment even easier.

One of the most common uses of ribbon on cards is tied bows and knots. Bows can be created by hand with the use of bow tying machines.

Some ideas to using ribbon include:

  •      Tying ribbon onto paper clips or create a tab by folding the ribbon in half and attaching under an element.
  •      A ribbon slider charm can be punched and  ribbon threaded through it.
  •      Pleat ribbon an attach to the card
  •      Cut a small slit in the folded edge spine of the card and slide the ribbon through and then around the card
  • Some types of ribbon determine the use on the card for instance: Grosgrain is normally used for most cards. Satin is used to tie wrapping paper packages. Velvet adds elegance and gingham is usually found in plaid colors and is casual in nature.

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