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Organize stamps and stickers

Dear Fellow Crafters,

This month we’ll talk about storing rubber stamps and stickers. In the beginning of my rubber stamp hobby, I stored my small collection in plastic shoe boxes but as my collection grew, I needed a better solution. My husband suggested the black Iris rolling storage units. They typically came with 7 drawers. I still use them! Of course it helps if you label the drawer front and put the stamps back where they belong! When beginning a stamp project, I found it hard, as the stamps multiplied, to keep track of what I had. Somehow, by sure coincidence I’m sure, I only duplicated a purchase once. Once bought, you should try to keep the same type together. For instance, store stamps by design, theme, alphabetically or type. Don’t mix acrylic with rubber. Don’t stack stamps on top of each other. Don’t store in direct sunlight or near heat.  For the acrylic stamps, put them inside a plastic photo sheet/binder.

If you talk to a group of rubber stampers, they all have different methods of tracking what they own. Some resort to notebooks, some to computer-generated list templates. Each time I buy a stamp I enter the following information on an excel sheet I created:

  • manufacturer
  • Title
  • Index number
  • retail price
  • date purchased


     These wonderfully versatile items multiply also! They used to be flat and were easy to store. Now they are 3-D – Jolee’s etc. I found that with the 3-D ones, it was easier to put the same type in plastic sandwich bags in a colored shoe box (labeled). For instance, I have a box that is dark green in color. I put some Christmas stickers on it and use it for all my holiday 3-D stickers. Over the years, the box sometimes overflows, so I give any of my duplicates or ones I haven’t used to schools or friends.

     One of the best things I did this past summer was to organize my  stickers with my themed papers. For example, I took the plastic, see-through large envelopes and put my themed paper in them. I put baby paper in one, flowered paper in another. I have strips of die-cut borders made from scraps, stickers etc.Now, when I am making a card, I have the basics all in one place.

     The following are some tips on storing stickers that also work:

  • Sort by theme
  • store alphabets and numbers separately
  • page protectors or slip-in sheets protect edges
  • expandable organizers work well

take time at the end of a season to sort through your stash and give away un-used stickers – remember less is more!

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