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Today, I thought we could explore the subject of eyelets. To be honest, I absolutely loved this tool for a while, but then as time went on, forgot about it! While doing research for this post, I discovered it all over again! There are several tools on the market that do the same thing but in different ways. The two major types are the ones you use with a small hammer and the one that is all complete.. I have used both but found that the automatic one is easier for me.

You can use an ordinary hole puncher and regular eyelets from a hardware store. These will be standard size circles of gold, silver and brass. You can also buy specially made punching tools and eyelets found in your local craft store. The advantage of buying these is that sometimes you will find a kit containing the tools and some eyelets and you can use the eyelets anywhere on your project and not be limited to the placement due to the puncher length.

Eyelet 1

The directions are as follows:

  1. Decide where you want your  hole to be on your card. Be sure that you have a craft mat under your work! Your table will thank you. Take the metal tool with the hole punching insert and firmly press a hole in the paper. If you are not strong enough, the small hammer will help. The hole that is punched will be smaller than the usual hole punched by a hole puncher.

Place one of the eyelets on the front side, turn the page over. Exchange the parts in your tool to the ball point edge and place it in the eyelet and hammer it flat. Done!

The second type tool is the Instant Setter. This tool, one of many on the market, is made by Making Memories. It comes with the setting mat, a magnetic head for easy tip changes, and adjustable handle. and a metal box to store it in. Full instructions are also enclosed.  It sets the following sizes: 1/16″, 1/8″, 3/16″. With this tool,you can punch and set an eyelet, and use with the Making Memories Stamping Die Set.

To set an eyelet:

  1. Replace the hole punch tip with the coordinating size setting tip.
  2. Slip an eyelet into the hole and hold it in place as you turn the page over.
  3. Hold tool vertically and press straight down on the eyelet until you feel it click.

You may need to press the eyelet one or more times to achieve the desired result.

Ways to use eyelets

  • Attach vellum
  • Corner of picture mat
  • in the hole of a tag
  • borders
  • ends of a hammock

accents on journal blocks

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