Pursuit of Happiness

The Month of Savoring

Dear Fellow Crafters,


My favorite season of the year is Autumn. In the northeast, we savor the season of Fall and its beautiful warm colors. We spend hours at farm markets trying to decide which pumpkins are pleasantly plump. We stock wood in preparation for long, cold winters. We dress in colorful layers too – deep brown, vibrant orange and red and bright yellow.

When cooler nights are predicted, and the inevitable days get shorter, we savor beef stew (my personal favorite Fall and Winter dish), pot pies, hot chocolate and cider. We savor moments under warm quilts and cuddling near blazing fireplaces.

In the craft room, we start thinking about Halloween and the holidays. We tend to go to more craft shows during this month and look forward to the predictable church fairs in November. We buy more paper craft products and try new techniques.

I have found that the method of “mindful awareness” (living in the now), increases my ability to savor present moments in  my life. I have made it a practice and now after 15+ years, I guess you’d call it a habit, to go on a spiritual women’s retreat every October. This place is what I call “my second home”. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, the meals served on the 3 days are fabulous, the workshops have helped me so much over the years and the comrade of women of all ages proves to me that I am not alone with my feelings. I savor this time and always come away with great peace and a renewed sence of purpose I savor the relationships in my life and no matter what your personal situation is, I strongly suggest that you breathe in the scents and lyrics of your life. Savor the moments  of your life this month!


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