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Use of Creativity

The source and center of all

man’s creative power… is his

power of making images, or the

power of imagination.

                                                 Robert Collier

Adventures in Card-Making

Washi Tape


Love card
Love card

Dear Fellow Crafters,

A relatively new product hit the crafting “streets’ awhile back, called Washi Tape. I kept thinking it was a type of ribbon – how wrong I was!

Washi tape originated in Japan. In fact, “wa” means Japanese and “shi” means paper! It feels like masking tape,and comes in a variety of designs, patterns and colors. It is made out of natural fibers like bamboo or mulberry or hemp and most are as strong as duct tape.

So what can you do with it?

I used it as ribbon for my Mason Jar Luminaries

I also used it to decorate the lids for The Holiday Book in a Jar Contest

Most tapes are transparent, so you can use it in a journal, calendar or address book or on a card.

Can you make your own?

You certainly can and it is relatively easy. All you need are: a paper trimmer, scissors, tissue paper (colored is fine). The tissue paper works best if it is relatively new. Double-sided adhesive (tape or sheet), dye ink (any color that coordinates with the paper), background stamp and finally a sizzix folder.

The directions follow:

1. Cut a single layer of tissue paper slightly larger than the adhesive sheet.

2. Peel the backing off one of the adhesive sheets.

3. Take the tissue paper and carefully layer it on top of the adhesive  sheet.

4. Use your finger to smooth out the sheet.

5. Trim the edges.

6. At this point, you can either cut the sheets into strips or leave as is.

7. Ink up the stamp. I used a simple retired SU background stamp and colored dye ink. Stamp the tissue paper and let dry.

8. After drying, run your new washi paper through a sizzix folder and glue onto your project.

A nifty way to store it is to put it in a used aluminum foil box. You can use the “teeth” to cut the tape.



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What to say in a Holiday (Christmas) card

Dear Fellow Crafters,

I have never written a Holiday Newsletter to my friends/relatives/neighbors and enclosed it in  a Holiday card. But when it comes down to it, what do you say in a Christmas Card? Some ideas follow.


Has it been a whole year? Two? Ten? Don’t feel guilty!

You know that feeling when you check your holiday Christmas card list and get to that one cousin, niece, or friend you really meant to keep up with through the years, but didn’t? Instead of feeling stressed, take the opportunity of the holiday card sending and catch those special people up. Not sure where to start? Try these ideas to add a heartfelt message to your Christmas cards.

Send happy wishes
Sensational season’s greetings start with a just-right holiday message like “Wishing you every happy thing this year!”

Reconnect with a friend
Rebuild a bond or mend a strained relationship with a message that says “I wish we could see more of each other.”

Acknowledge a recent loss
Comfort someone who has lost a loved one with a tender message that says “Holding you and your family close in thought and in love.”

Difficult year
Celebrate the coming of a new year and fresh start with a struggling loved one. Include a message that says “Be good to yourself—nobody deserves it more.”

And here are some additional note starters if you still feel a little stuck:

  • I think of you whenever…
  • I have to laugh when…
  • You should see…
  • Remember how… or Remember that time?
  • I wish I had time to…
  • This year we decided to…
  • Know what I miss most?
  • I wish Grandma were still with us…
  • Those mittens you sent that time are still my favorites…
  • I did make time to…
  • Christmas always reminds me of…
  • We’ll have to get together and…

‘Til next time,