Pursuit of Happiness

The month of Forgiveness

Dear Fellow Crafters,

The month of November is the month of forgiveness. Strange, isn’t it, that this month was chosen by the author to “showcase” this theme and not gratitude? Well, when I started thinking about this, I realized that the post Pursuit of Happiness, the month of Gratitude (February) was closely linked. We can’t be grateful if we are holding onto anger, resentment or bitterness. We have to let go and let God (or your Higher Power) into our lives. If our God is a God of second chances, we have to afford others the same chance.

Forgiving others for their wrongs is something you do for yourself. Practice forgiveness in as many life situations as possible. Forgive yourself. Look in the mirror and say to your image that you ______ (name) are a good person. You make mistakes but You are not the mistake. You can start again.

When you forgive others you are free from greed ( I want every punch in the store!), envy (she has so many dies!) and jealousy (  ____  (name) is so much better at ____than I am). You will be free to experience joy, peace and love!


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