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Holiday Party
Holiday Party

Writing Christmas Party Invitations is the first step in planning a festive holiday gathering. You should plan on making the invitations several weeks in advance due to the mailing constrictions. The invitation should arrive at your guest’s home at least 2-3 weeks in advance of Your party. For reference in making cards in bulk see the previous post.

The invitations should convey the overall feeling of the party. A casual invitation suggests a fun-filled get-together over cocktails and snacks, while an elegant invitation hints at a sit-down meal.

So some suggestions for the perfect invitation:

1. Describe the type of party you are hosting. (casual, semi-formal etc.) This gives your guest an idea as what to wear – jeans or black tie.

2. Type of food ( join us for drinks and snacks)

3. Be sure to include typed directions.

5. Address the invitation by hand.

6. RSVP: with phone number or email. by ______ date.

Have a great party!