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Color Mist Stamping

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Color Misting is a technique that includes water, color and a rubber stamp. There are a few types:

Misting directly onto the stamp:

Ink a solid shadow stamp with dye ink. Mist the stamp directly with water and stamp on the paper. The more water you use, the more diffused the image will be.

Misting the paper:

Mist the paper first. Then stamp. Solid stamps work well.

Water Color Paints: To create a soft watercolor stamped background, start with a solid image. Paint watercolors directly onto the rubber of the background stamp. When complete, mist the painted surface of the stamp 3 or 4 times with water and then stamp directly onto the paper.

Double Stamping: To create an image over the watercolor stamped background, use the same technique of painting watercolors directly onto the rubber part of the stamp. Choose an image that will be dramatic against a muted background.

Hint: if using silk flowers, adhere the flowers to the paper first before stamping. The flowers will soak up the color and give the card a blended effect.


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