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A New Year

Dear Fellow Crafters,

A new year is fast approaching and to some of us, it’s a time of reflection, a time to “change things up”, or a time to dream again. People change with time and so do their aspirations. Over the years I have heard from a lot of people what they resolve to do each new year. Some of them are:

  •      quit an addiction
  •      go back to school
  •      get fit/healthier
  •      learn something new
  •      travel
  •      get more organized
  •      get a make-over
  •      give up a bad habit

Some of us believe that a new year is a time to transform our lives. Some transformations to aspire to this year could be: teach others a new skill (like stenciling) start a journal , open the door to creativity and finally be ONE for someone this year. I  saw this while surfing. It so inspired me that I printed it out to glue into my journal. My question for you is will YOU be the ONE for someone else this new year?

Have a safe and happy NEW YEAR!



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