When I have time, I'l organize my _________________

Organizer tips for the Card Maker


Dear Fellow Crafters,

The start of a new year leads us to thoughts of organizing. So, once again we will tackle this timely topic. I have compiled an alphabetical list this year so feel free to share these with others.


Acrylic stamps.  I have to admit, when these first came on the market I was really hesitant to use them! I just didn’t see the point. Now of course I have quite a few. I first started stacking them in one of my Iris drawers, but the stamps became unwieldy so I ended up putting them in 3-ring binders. The stamp sets were placed in separate plastic sheet protector sheets which allowed me the ability to flip through to find the ones I needed. What was great too was that they did not spill out of the sheets.

Binders: Along with storing acrylic stamps, I used these to keep track of projects that need that extra “tweak” and I keep my finished cards inside them, filed according to theme.

Cardstock: I tend to keep the envelopes with the cardstock. I then know that I have envelopes that fit the cards. DCV stacks are kept intact so that the subtle differences of color or the different shades/designs will pop up at me. I keep loose sheets stored in a paper storage bin (purchased at Staples) by color and paper that has been cut into I store in plastic bags with the 11″x 7″ paper.

‘Til next time,