Fun and Easy Mason Jar Crafts

Fun and easy!


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft? All you need for this Mason Jar Valentine can be found at your local craft store and put together in minutes.

Start by washing and drying (with a lint-free cloth) the mason jar. Using music designed paper, die cut several banners. Glue the banners to bakers twine. Take a small piece of green floral foam block (you can use Styrofoam if you wish) and glue onto the lid. Cover it with moss for a realistic look. Next, either go outside and look for a small branch or two or check the florist aisle in the craft store. Stick the branch into the block and tie the ends of the banners to the sticks.

Carefully place the mason jar onto the lid covering the branches. You can finish off the jar with ribbon, a colorful bow or embellishments. The tiles make a nice, personalized touch.

Voila! Done!

‘Til next time,