Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness – Playing with Pets

Dear Fellow Crafter,

Do you remember the movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks? One of the scenes, Tom Hanks (as the real life Chuck Noland) watched his ‘pet” volleyball drift away in the ocean. I must admit I did reach for a hankie when “Wilson” floated away.

Ask any pet owner and they’ll tell you that their cat/dog/rabbit is part of their family Pets make them happy, make them more social, improve their health, calm them and promote empathy. Pets are a form of social support. They provide an opportunity to socialize with other pet owners. Pet owners have to exercise more often. If they’re not taking the pet out, they’re cleaning up after them. After a long day, they say that unconditional love is the best thing that happens to them.

We have friends who owned 2 rescue dogs. Biz and Diez. They were Min Pins.When we met them (the dogs) they were both older. It was clear that the 2 ( brother and sister) were very loving animals and had adapted very well to their owner’s lifestyle. When our friends moved to a different state, their dogs adapted to the different climate and seemed adjusted. The brother died first, followed a short time later by his sister. For a short time, our friends were “pet-less” and then we heard that they were now the proud owners of “Red Ranger”, a Doberman mix. We even received a Christmas card from the new family.

On a personal side, my family bought a boxer, we named Mugsy. I was about 10 at the time and it was my responsibility to not only feed Mugsy but to go to Dog Obedience Classes with him. I learned so much about caring from that dog and he was part of our family. In fact, when he died I was away at college studying for finals and my family did not tell me until after they were over.

If you have a pet, play with it more often. If not, maybe this is the year for a new companion?


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