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Dear Fellow Crafters,

Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of getting organized? Use the old rule: “Divide and Conquer”. Divide tasks into small steps. Grab a calendar and decide which tasks you will accomplish by what date. Establishing a deadline can be a motivator. Completing smaller steps while moving toward one larger goal can be a life changing experience.

There are many expressions to use inside a card. To date, these post seem the most popular. Check out the following dates:11/18/13, 2/3/14, 1/26/15, 9/20/13, 10/7/13,12/9/13, 1/2714, 5/19/14, 6/30/14, 10/17/14 and 11/12/14. You can also check out books most specifically Christmas Quotes by Diane B. Porter and Just to Say by Judith Wibberley.

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Flea Market Finds. Don’t laugh! Some of my best organizers came from the local flea market. Smaller storage units can be bought for a few dollars.

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