Fun and Easy Mason Jar Crafts

Mason Jar for Mom


Dear Fellow Crafters,

     Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect gift for your mother!  The following project featuring a Mason Jar is just the ticket. I found the idea on a site called Oopsey Daisy and had to share it with you. I did tweak my jar with die cuts(of course!) but I think you will find it easy and quick to make.

     The crafter began by spray painting the jar a pastel blue color. Then she stenciled flowers onto burlap which she then wrapped around the jar. I die cut my flowers and layered them onto the jar with Mod Podge.

     The best part of this project was the way the sentiments were added. The crafter purchased the flowers  and then asked family members to write a brief note expressing why they love their Mom. She then rolled the note around the stem of each flower and inserted the flower into the jar with a few marbles to stabilize them.

     I loved this idea so much that I am now making extra for friends.


‘Til next time,


Adventures in Card-Making

Patriot’s Day

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Patriot’s Day commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord that occurred in 1775 which were the earliest battles in the American Revolution. It is usually celebrated on April 21, but this year it will be celebrated on April 20th.

patriots-day   Lexington and Concord





 It is important to have a few heroes in our lives, because believing in the heroic can help make each and every one of us a little bit better day in and day out.

Paul Colello

When I have time, I'l organize my _________________

Organize -G-H


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Our April organization tips are all about clutter control.

G:  As you begin to clear away the clutter, create a “giveaway” box for supplies to be donated to a school or daycare. Right after I made my Christmas cards this past year, I started weeding out scraps of paper, stickers and tons on paper bags. Some of the items went to a school for children with special needs and the rest went to our Granddaughter.

H:  Here’s an idea – in addition to donating items, invite fellow paper crafters to clean out their clutter and bring it to your home for a fun Suppliers Swap.

‘Til next time,