Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness Sacred Day

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Each one of us has different needs, values and expectations. We all need to rest from hectic schedules, demands of our jobs, and multi-tasking. Some of us were brought up with traditional values. Our parents taught us to value our culture and beliefs. Back when we were youngsters, we went to a religious service and either out to breakfast or went home to prepare for a large gathering of our relatives over Sunday dinner. As an adult, some of us still go to Church but now we go to a restaurant or diner with our spouse and children. Some of us find our rest in other ways.

I have several good friends who find rest in walking along beaches, reading good books by the fire (in winter), listening to music, savoring a glass of wine on a deck and baking.

When creating a Sacred Day for yourself, keep in mind the things that bring you back to yourself. How do you find your inner self? Why not design that Sacred Day now?

‘Til next time,