Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness -Music

Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you read a previous post back in January, Music in the Craft Room, you know that I listen to music a lot. Music can inspire us, sooth us, and in short, invoke memories. Some lyrics take us back to lazy summer days at the beach, or that road trip with the family. All it takes is the first few lines of a musical score to remind us of a great movie or TV show.

I am a “baby boomer”, so my teen years were inundated with the Beatles and Motown. I also listened to folk songs (Peter, Paul and Mary),  Irish songs, and the classic 50’s of my parents’ generation.

This month, listen to music. The world is moving at the speed of sound and not all of what you hear is pleasant. Driving in the pouring rain, will be easier if you are listening to favorite tunes or even an audio-book. Try it and see!

‘Til next time,