How do I make shaped cards?


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I often find myself getting bored with the same old 5″ x 6 1/2″ shaped card. Oh, there are lots of die cuts and papers out there to cover the size of the blank card but the shape gets boring after a while. So, one day I surfed the web to find out how to make shaped cards. The following are some ideas I found. Enjoy!

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PS: see part 2 for more in-depth instructions.

Draw or sketch a shape onto your card base using the fold to your shape’s advantage, then cut out, making sure not to cut the fold. You can use clip cart, templates found on-line or rubber stamps. I have Rubbermaid round containers that are perfect for round cards. You can use an old CD also. Then I found that I could use my Sizzix die cut shapes – and I really ‘went to town’ with my larger frame sets and BigZ dies (old Jaloppy, Haunted House and Sleigh). Another suggestion is Stencils and Card Shapes by Paper Flair from Hot off the Press. These are really easy to use! Just trace and cut.

Hang your shape over the edge of the card, for example if your card base is 4.25” x 5.5”, cut your base down to 3” x 5.5” and allow your shape to hang over the 3” side.

Use an image/large stamp, adhere it to your card front, and cut around the shape.


Technique Essentials #9 Shaped Cards byJennifer McGuire

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