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Organize. M-O

Dear Fellow Crafters,

The organizing tips for June are about makers, keeping track of ideas and the “one year rule”.

Proper storage of markers make them last longer. Make sure that the caps are on tight before storing. Single-ended markers can be stored vertically with the tip side down but double-ended markers should always be stored horizontally. This will keep the ink flow and color evenly on both sides,

In addition to creating a journal of inspiration, buy a notebook for your purse or briefcase. You can use it for inventory, wish lists, or color swatch ideas.

Also, another tip regarding storage of magazines:

If you read my past post Too Many Magazines, you know that I collect craft magazines. One tip to consider is to reduce the print copies by subscribing to digital issues of your favorite magazines. You can scan current and past issues and print the projects or tutorials that you like.

The “one year” rule applies to those supplies you seldom use. Hopefully, you don’t have too many of those. The rule is to buy product to replenish your supplies and give away/throw out those items you haven’t used in a year.

‘Til next time,