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Pursuit -Achieve Goals

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Achieve goals
Achieve goals

Chances are, if you are a reader of this blog, you’re a crafter. Have you reached your craft goals or are you just beginning?

Whatever the skill level you are at, you can make an artistic achievement if you know how to set craft goals and apply them. First you have to discover what those goals are. I always find that the best way to discover anything is to write it out. First you organize your thoughts, give your goals a tentative date of completion and commit to them. As you begin to write, some questions may come to mind. For instance, what style of craft most interests you? Do you like to make cards, create with die cuts, mold with clay or make jewelry? Do you want to pursue this craft as a hobby or as a career? Do you need to take some classes? Will the craft make you happy?

A Vision Board will be of value because as you discover the answers to the questions above you will want to reflect on them. You can create a Vision Board in a journal or as a scrapbook page you can frame.  The following are some ideas to get you started:

  •  Write down 1-5 goals
  •  Look for images that represent your goals. Cut them from magazines or print them from the internet.
  •  The materials you will need are a 8″ x 10″ piece of cardboard, images, colored paper, glue.
  •  Spread out your images and  glue them down on the papers. You can even write captions.

Keeping the Vision Board in plain sight reminds you of why the goals are important to you  and helps you achieve them faster.

‘Til next time.