Help! My card is too large for the envelope!!!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Have you ever had this problem – you’ve made the card and now find that it doesn’t fit the envelope you have? Did you know that you can make your own? Here are the steps and I have a handy reference for the correct paper size you will need below.

  •  Measure your card. Refer to the chart below for the paper size.
  •  Cut your paper to the appropriate square.
  •  Place your card face down in the center of the square, angled to the left. You’ll be creating 4 triangles.
  •  Fold in the side flaps over the back of the card and crease close to the card edges.
  •  Fold up the bottom flap and crease. Use a bone folder for a crisp look.
  •  Carefully glue the bottom to the side edges where they overlap.
  •  Remove your card and write the info on the front of the envelope. Then reinserte your card, put a thin layer of glue stick on the flap sides and fold down and secure.

If your card is:                                                     Then use a:

5 3/4″ x 8 3/4″                                                   11 3/4″ square

6 1/4″ square                                                     9″

5 1/4″ square                                                     8″

5 1/4 x 4″                                                            7 1/4″

5: x 7 1/8″                                                           9 1/2″

3 1/4″ x 5 1/4″                                                     6 3/4″

‘Til next time,


Friday Scribblings

4 C’s of Life

Choose the way of life.

Choose the way of love.

Choose the way of caring.

Choose the way of goodness.

It’s up to you.

It’s your choice.

                               Leo Buscaglia


Sentiments for Fall

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Wondering what to write in a Fall or Thanksgiving card?

Gratitude is the heart’s memory.

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy Turkey Day!

Fall wishes for you.

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.

May the air be crisp, may the leaves be few, may the season of Autumn bring great bounty to you!

I couldn’t be more thankful this Thanksgiving, and that’s because of amazing friends like you!

Don’t be a chicken, have a blast this Thanksgiving!

‘Til next time,


Friday Scribblings



     When I ask you to listen to me and you start giving me advice, you have not done what I asked.

     When I ask you to listen to me and you begin to tell me why I shouldn’t feel that way, you are trampling on my feelings.

     When I ask you to listen to me, and you feel you have to do something to solve my problems, you have failed me – strange as that may seem.

     Listen!  All I asked was that you listen – not talk or do – just hear me.

     Advice is cheap. Ten cents will get you both Dear Abby and Billy Graham in the same newspaper.

     I can do for myself. I’m not helpless – discouraged and faltering maybe – but not helpless.

     When you do something for me that I can  and need to do for myself, you contribute to my fear and weakness.

     But when you accept as a simple fact that I do feel what I feel, no matter how irrational, then I can quit trying to convince you and get about the business of understanding what’s behind this irrational fear.

     And when that’s clear, the answers are obvious and I don’t need advice.

     Irrational fears make sense when we understand what’s behind them.

     Perhaps that’s why prayer works – sometimes – for some people.

     God is mute. He doesn’t give advice or try to fix things.

     He just listens and lets you work it out for yourself.

     So please listen and hear me.

     And if you want to talk, wait a minute for your turn, and then I’ll listen to you.

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Ok, I give up! What are Embossing Diffusers?

Reads Fellow Crafters,

What Are Embossing Diffusers?

Embossing diffusers are simply a tool which allow you to get more use out of your embossing folders.  The diffusers are designed to allow you to create sections on your artwork which are not embossed when using an embossing folder.


How to Use It

This product is designed to be used with any of the embossing folders available on the market – with the exception of the 5”x7” and larger embossing folders. These can be used with any of the Sizzix line of embossing machines, and from my own experimentation both the Spellbinders Grand Calibur and the PC Cuttlebug.  The sandwich for the PC Cuttlebug is:

    • A plate
    • embossing folder
    • paper
    • diffuser
    • B plate

After some experimentation, I was able to find sandwiches for the Grand Calibur.  Because the Spellbinders embossing folders are thicker than other leading industry embossing folders (thanks to being double-sided), there are two sandwiches.  Feeding through the machine will feel loose, and that is okay, you will still get a good solid impression.  The sandwiches are:


For Spellbinders Embossing Folders

    • B plate
    • embossing folder
    • paper
    • diffuser


For other industry folders:

    • C plate
    • embossing folder
    • paper
    • diffuser


If you have been using embossing folders for a long time, you will notice that embossing diffusers are the industry’s response to a technique in which you use your dies to cut out several pieces of thin chipboard, layer the pieces of chipboard together, and then use them to create the same effect as these fancy diffusers.   Currently the diffusers come in standard shapes of large oval, skinny oval, and circle.  There are no fancy designs offered at the moment, although you can make them with your dies and chipboard.  However, these save you from all the work which goes into making your own, and with a name like “Diffuser Set #1” it is likely more are on their way.  With this three set of diffusers you get six different options – not bad for the MSRP.

Tips and Techniques

In playing around with this product, I found several different ways to use these diffusers.

  1. Use the frame to have an un-embossed center.
  2. Use the center to emboss the center and not the outer section.
  3. Combine both the inner shape and frame with different embossing folders to get two different designs on one sheet of cardstock.
  4. Use the inner shape to create highlights of texture around the cardstock rather than in the center.
  5. Use the diffuser frames to create texture to the base of your journaling and title cards.

While using the center portions of the diffuser sets, I found that they move around a lot.  I fixed this by using some masking tape to hold my embossing folder and diffuser together.  Although this product has the most applicable use for card design, I found myself wanting to use it for scrapbook layouts. Below you can see some of the projects I came up with.

While playing with the embossing diffusers and embossing folders by different companies, I found that the Tim Holtz embossing folders worked best with the diffusers, giving a strong overall impression.  However, these same results could be achieved with including a shim or two with the embossing folders from other leading companies aside from Sizzix.

‘Til next time,