Pursuit of Happiness- Friendship

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Over the summer I read a great book, called “The Mason Jar” by James Russell Lingerfelt. It is a  work of fiction, not a craft book. I keep a Quote Journal and one of the main character’s quotes was so inspiring that not only did I write it down but I saved it for you too!

Great book about love, loss and giving of oneself
Great book about love, loss and giving of oneself

” …there’s something very special about finding someone who can relate to us, who for a period of time brings contentment and relieves us of all loneliness and despair. When we see people as gifts, rather than possessions, we learn to hold them rather than cling to them. My own experience has taught me that if you love people and let them be themselves in your presence, you’ll never be short of friends. When you don’t judge people and you instead allow them space to grow, they’ll always remember you because they know they were loved unconditionally.”

I have several very good friends that I don’t see often. Oh yeah, we email back and forth but the great thing about our friendship is that when we do see each other, we pick up our conversation where we left off! It reminds me of a scene in Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston’s movie “The Bodyguard”. Kevin’s character is playing chess with his father (Ralph Waite). “So how long have you been playing this game?” “About 5 years, no 6” was the answer.

When we pursue friendship, we give of ourselves and we receive so much in return. So, do  you have a best friend?

‘Til next time,