Mod Podge

Mod Podge Furniture and Holiday Ornament

Dear Fellow Crafters,

The following are 2 tutorials using 2 different finishes of Mod Podge. The first is using Furniture Mod Podge  and the second is Matte.

I wanted to refinish an old table I found at a local flea market. It was just the right size for our hall. I started by collecting my supplies: Furniture Mod Podge, paper, sanding block and a can of polyurethane. The hard part was choosing the paper!

First, I cut the material about 1″ larger than the table top. I wanted to have it hang over the edge. I poured the Furniture Mod Podge into a plastic cup and brushed it on the top of the table. Furniture Mod Podge is super-tough and is made specifically for projects that will be handled. It comes in 3 finishes: satin, gloss and matte. I used matte because it did not really matter. I wanted to put a protective finish on the top which is why I used the polyurethane. I then brushed a layer of the MP onto the bottom of the paper. I put the paper onto the table and smoothed out the automatic wrinkles with the roller. I decided to let the layer dry about 30 minutes.  I applied a second coat of MP and let it dry another 30 minutes. I then took the sanding block and used it on the edges of the table to create a creased edge all around. For good measure, I put 2 more layers on I waited a day and then put the polyurethane on the top of the table. I did this outdoors because of the fumes.

I found this idea on the Mod Podge site and e-bay and decided to give it a try.

Vintage Inspired

Using acrylic ornament shapes, decoupage paper to the back and let dry. Then add paper embellishments to the front with more Mod Podge and craft glue – you can even add painted words with adhesives stencils! Use glue to add the buttons and rhinestones, and baker’s twine to hang.

Happy Crafting,