What to write in a holiday card

Dear Fellow Crafters,

In my past life, I was stymied by the blank page in a greeting card. I mean, what the heck should I write??!! I solved my problem by writing down sentiments in a journal which then expanded into typing and printing them for future cards. Now, when I am pressed to write something witty or sentimental or funny, for that matter, I just refer to my Sentiment Journal. Here are some greetings for your holiday cards. Please feel free to share:


  • May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with love and warmth.
  • Wishing you all the joys of Christmas and happiness through the new year.
  • May you be blessed with love, peace, and laughter.
  • May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas season.
  • Wishing your family peace and love at Christmas and always.
  • May beautiful moments and happy memories joyfully surround you this Christmas.
  • Wishing you a very jolly Christmas.
  • Wishing you a festive holiday.
  • May your stocking be full of wonderful presents!
  • Love and joy come to you this Christmas!