PaperCrafting 101

Secrets of scent embossing

Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you are like me and you thought you were done with cards, think again!  Someone in your family has just thought of another person you need to make a card for ! Right now, you are thinking how can I make this experience exciting ’cause I don’t feel very motivated and certainly not creative. Well, I have good news for you. You can make a card with scented embossing powder and get in the spirit of the season really quickly…..

People love heat embossing because it adds eye-catching dimension to paper projects. You probably made lots of your holiday cards using embossing powder. Did you know that you can add a variety of fragrances by mixing ordinary kitchen ingredients with embossing powder? Some of these ingredients include: ground coffee, Kool-Aid, and cinnamon. You can use almost any fine powder that doesn’t contain sugar because sugar when heated becomes caramelized.

The instructions are really easy. Take a small container with a cap. I use small empty and clean embossing jars. Combine embossing powder (like clear) and fragrance ingredient in the container. Shake to mix. Ink your project, sprinkle your mixed powder on top and heat set. Oh and one more thing inhale the wonderful fragrance!

   Useful tips

     1. Use this technique on die cut accents, paper and wood.

     2. Store leftover mixtures in clear plastic containers. Label them so that yo can identify the mixtures again.

     3. Mix larger-granule ingredients like coffee with embossing enamel or UTEE to ensure that the mixture adheres. The fine grains slide under larger particles. Embossing enamel has granules the same size as coffee.

     4. Try heating from underneath the object so that the granules don’t blow away.

Til next time,