Adventures in Card-Making

Creativity Defined

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Creativity- it’s just a word, but it’s a word with a whole lot of emotional impact. Consider these 2 statements: “I have failed at rubber stamping.” and “I am a failure.” Wow!! There’s truth to the statement “If you say it, you must believe it.” But, I think that the best way to overcome a major block to creativity is to define it in a new way and to exercise your creative muscles.

The word creative can mean:

a) the ability to create

b) one who displays productive originality

We make “creative” choices every day. If you are a man, you choose what color tie  to wear. If you are a woman, you choose your jewelry, handbag, shoes to either match or coordinate with your outfit of the day. You are confident in your choices.

In the artistic arena, if you flex your creative muscles ( practice creating ) long enough you will gain the confidence you need to create. There are two types of creative blocks. One is the inner critic  and the other is the block of excuses. Which one(s) do you face?

The inner critic says in your ear:

  • I’m not an artist. I don’t know how to draw or put colors together.” (That’s why “they” invented the color wheel.)
  • “I’m not good enough.” (Remember, the journal is a story of your life. You’re not sharing it and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.)
  • “I’ll never learn the techniques.” (You can always learn in your p.j.’s watching an instructional video on your computer.)
Crayons in a box
   So what do you do about the Inner Critic?
In your journal, write down the criticism, exactly as you remember it. and who said it. For example, my art teacher told me “_____ could never draw as well as my sister.” Write down how old  you were, what school you were attending at the time, and most importantly, how you felt. Now, years later, write about the situation and why you think she/he felt justified in saying what they did. Were you several years younger than your sister at the time? Did you take all the artistic classes she had?
     In the end, the small inner creative voice, whose words echo in your head, have to be heard. You can’t die with your music still inside you. You have to get started. Remember your procrastination awhile back? Next month, we’ll talk about the excuses we use to avoid creative pursuits.
‘Til next time,