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How I solved paper clutter

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Like most paper crafters, I love paper! Just think about it- there’s cardstock (usually white or ivory), background paper (all kinds), specialty paper (textured, glitter, vellum, felt) and cardboard. Before I got addicted to die-cutting, I had all kinds of paper but now I have textured paper which as we all know is the best for embossing folders.

In the beginning I used to put all the cardstock in a box on the floor but I read somewhere that paper stored like that absorbs moisture and would warp. So, I sorted the colors and put them in a indexed folder. That worked until I bought the Die Cuts With A View stacks!

As my paper collection grew, so did my stash of smaller pieces of paper that I hated to throw out. “I might use that” was my inner standard admonishment whenever I thought to toss them. I was becoming overwhelmed with paper. I had to do something- but what??

My craft room was originally our son’s playroom so I had to buy furniture (what woman doesn’t want to buy furniture?). I purchased a cabinet with 3 shelves on which I  stored the cardstock and the stacks of DCWV. Later I added a box to store my stash of smaller pieces. That box gets emptied after every marathon of card-making and goes to our Granddaughter who loves to create stuff. (Hey, she’s 3 1/2 years old and loves to color and stamp already!) I then bought a paper sorter that has saved my life. I put the paper, all sized to 9 1/2″ by 11″ by color. I bought it at Staples.

Staples paper storage

My last acquisition was a large white plastic box to hold my textured, felt, glitter and cardboard.

Whatever furniture or boxes you buy, make sure it fits your paper and is easy to use.

‘Til next time,