Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge

Dear Fellow Crafters,

I write a lot about organizing craft products (die cuts, markers, ink pads etc.) and I have written about craft rooms and other craft organizers, but these days, my biggest challenge is how to organize all the posts I want to write about.

My past approach was to sit down with a pocket calendar and plot out the month of Wednesdays and Fridays with topics and scribblings (now Fridays with Sallie). My problems started when I would research a topic or write from a prompt in a notebook. I would put the notebook down along with the research material and forget where I put them! (A common problem when you get older!) I once “lost” an entire month of scribblings and had to start from scratch.

Finally, I got smart at least for now. My solution(s) was to write in 2 notebooks – one labeled “Creativity and Scribblings” and the other “Ideas for Posts.” This time I wrote the full date on the page such as 3/2/16 rather than just 3/2.  I tend to write out my thoughts in long-hand, then type onto my blog. I know it’s double-work, but I can edit better. (Maybe it stems from all those years as a teacher, when we didn’t have internet.)

The pocket calendar is still working and is easy to tote especially since its cover is very colorful. I purchase 3 of them in early December (one for personal info, one for  and one for this blog. I bought them from Current. I’m still trying to figure out how to organize my research items. I welcome any suggestions! Please use the comment box at the end of this post.

Thanks in advance,