Creativity is valued

Dear Fellow Crafters,

How many times do you hear “I’m not good enough! I’m wasting my time.”

Oftentimes when I flip through a rubber stamp magazine and see a card, my creative mind starts thinking “I can do that.” When I get all the materials together and start choosing my papers and die cuts it suddenly hits me “maybe I can’t make this. After all, the crafter used a different rubber stamp and my project won’t come out right.”  And then the “Trust the Process” fairy comes to my rescue.

I have to believe in the process and so do you. I have long believed and taught my students “there’s no mistake in rubber stamping”. There is always something  else you can do. You can stamp over the “mistake”, add a sticker, cut the main image out and finally, in all desperation turn the card over and start again. With each attempt you learn how to overcome obstacles. You learn that accidents can be life-changing. (The ink smudge turned the birthday card for your Aunt into a masterpiece  she displays yearly!). You learn that you are worthy of the time you needed to create your work. Your creative voice is developing.

‘Til next time,