Friday Scribblings

Fridays with Sallie

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Today is May 13th, two days before I become chronologically, an older “senior citizen” than I am now. It’s an interesting phenomena, but I don’t feel my age. Oh, physically I can’t perform certain tasks like running up and down stairs without thinking of taking a breath, but I still like to explore and challenge myself.

So as I look back at all that has changed in the past 365 days for me – good, bad and other, I choose to pause, reflect, appreciate and get ready to celebrate another milestone.

I made new friends, learned new crafts, learned how to use a crock pot, read more books (courtesy of Book Chat), listened to more music and beyond all that, I learned how to become more compassionate, how to trust in the Creator, how to savor quiet times with my husband and how to reconnect with my inner self.

Here’s to a new year of creating new memories!