Creativity is

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Creativity is not immune to perfectionism. What? After all this time, of “slugging” through all the trials and errors the little voice is still saying “you can’t learn all the techniques. You have to wait until you know more before you are ready.”

Perfectionism is an excuse to justify procrastination.

If you look in the mirror and say to yourself ” Hi _____,

I’m a beginner.” Guess what? The “bar” just came down. Your best is good enough. Mistakes happen when you’re not paying attention. When you were in kindergarten, you learned about cutting and pasting. Just for fun, try taking a blank piece of cardstock and create a collage of virtually any design element on your crafting table right now. As you create, try different arrangements of the materials, (brads, glitter, scraps of colored paper, silk flowers etc.). You can also choose one element as a focal point. Now, without realizing it, you are creating! It’s a spur of the moment kind of thing, but you weren’t aiming for perfection here; you were just having fun.

‘Til next time,