How I solved _______________

No mistakes

Dear Fellow Crafters,

One of my mantras is ” There’s no mistakes in rubber stamping just more ways to have fun!”

When I first started rubber stamping, back in 1995 ( I know, ancient times) and smudged a card or glued down an element crooked I used to freak out. I’m sure you’ve done the same. So here are some tips on how to correct your “goofs”.

  •      If your hand accidentally spreads ink where you don’t want it, glue an embellishment or tag on top.
  •      If the smudge is really bad, cut out the part of the card that is ok and glue onto a new background.
  •      Turn the card over and start again.
  •      If you smudge the hallmark on the reverse and you can’t fix it, attach it to a new card.
  •      UN-even layers can sometimes be fixed if you add an embellishment to the side that is slightly “off kilter” to ” fool the eye.”
  •      Add an embellishment, tag, butterfly, or any object on the opposite side of the goof so that it looks like it was intended.
  •      If a sentiment has been smudged , stamp the greeting again, layer it onto a coordinated cardstock and glue over the blurred greetings.


‘Til next time,